ello, my name is John and I am currently living in Central California.  I have been painting in one form or another for 45 years.  Starting in college painting mostly large format abstracts working in acrylics for some ten years.  Along with painting I would carve abstract sculptures and make intricate wooden boxes.

IMG_0199Watercolor had always intrigued me as to its challenging technique making color work in so many ways, all the time being suspended in water.  I refer this process as “water management”.  Starting with still life, I found that I was starting to be drawn to the details within the objects I was painting.  I fought this direction wanting to open up to loosely painted abstracts of which I enjoyed in my early years. In the late 70s and early 80s while visiting both Mexico and Hawaii, I started painting more of the landscapes rather than still life.  I enjoyed the textures these environments offered.  All along becoming more detailed by selecting scenes that offered several levels of texture.  My love for woodworking has evolved from small sculptures to fine furniture to pretty much now only making custom frames.

I always work from a photograph which I take myself.  The average time to complete one of my paintings is about 20 to 25 hours.  Yeah, it may sound ridiculous but I enjoy the ride of developing color and light as they emerge on the paper.

All my prints are printed on high quality watercolor paper using a process called Giclee, actually only the first step of the Giclee process. An extremely high resolution digital print is made and then printed with a highly pigmented ink.  The reproduction is quite difficult to tell from its original.

Thank you for visiting my website.